What Is Graphic Design

What is graphic design and how important is it to creating stunning web pages?  What types of tools provide the best effects? Can graphic design be integrated into providing beginners with an easy to learn method for designing websites? 

The truth is that graphic design can be extremely difficult if you're not an expert. The ability to project ideas and concepts with visual and textual content that can be experienced in an instant is the hall mark of good graphic design but can be very challenging to achieve.

Starting from what layout to use, ongoing development and updating until you hit "what looks right", managing client expectations and trying to handle regular office chores all impact the end result. In addition to these issues, everyone has a different opinion on what looks right, what colours, visuals and text to use. Making headway with some of these obstacles in place can be slow and time consuming effecting the overall functionality and usability of the site.

With Exai, we've tried to solve some of these issues and made creating a website for beginners as easy and fast as possible. To this end advanced WYSIWYG tools with drag and drop functionality are put directly at the users disposal. Exai Provides an array of free templates so that you can choose and see what you're getting upfront. You also have use of a free picture and graphics gallery that covers a wide range of subjects , industries, designs to use on your website.

This solves alot of the issues that beginners have when building their first website and having to mange it on a day to day basis. Speed and flexibility so that you can make changes on the fly. This along with your site being Mobile Friendly are just two compelling reasons to follow the Exai flow and get on board. When it comes to our templates, we focus on a practical structure with  more of an emphasis on content for your products and services.

The fact is that many templates and design out there are very minimalist in nature, emphasising flat deign, wide open spaces and large graphics. This is great for a visual effect but may have  a crippling effect on your SEO and in  particular your content creation. In fact one of the up and coming trends for 2015 in "what is graphic design" includes  Minimal Graphic Designing by cutting out alot of the clutter on your webpages.At Exai, we strike a balance between helping you use great graphics while not forgoing content and SEO.

Some important trends in the graphic design industry that directly effect web design include Video background with full width,light and neat designing for the mobile platforms. 

Get on board with using Exai's fast and scalable website solution by visiting our Getting Started Page , choosing your colour platter, website template and begin building your site.