Why Your Contact Us Form is The Most Important Part of Your Website

Online interaction with potential customers very often is the key to making the decision to buy your products or not. That's why it is an absolute must to provide all the fundamental information to your website visitors through efficient “Contact Us” page.

The contact details which include an email address or a contact form, a phone number, social media links and your office/store address is an important part of your online marketing. Website visitors want to come to your website and find what they are looking for quick and easy.

The goal of providing visitors a contact page on your website is to give them an easy way to contact you. You need a way to help them do that. This is the single most important goal of using a contact form widget on a website.

Taking a deeper look, a recent study on the importance of the contact form on websites, 51% of people believe "thorough contact information" is the most important element missing on many company websites. 

While this may seem obvious to many people, putting it into actual practice sometimes presents challenges to beginners building their first website. If you're using an open source CMS like WordPress for example, then the plugin you use may contain bugs that prevent your "contact us form" from working correctly. 

For visitors navigating through your site, there's nothing more frustrating than trying to complete a form only to be told that there was a problem submitting their information. This results in frustration and high bounce rates which have a negative effect on your online presence. 

Possible issues with a contact form

Some of the problems when adding a contact form to your a website include: 

In addition, there might be parts of your contact form not responding or just being absent. According to a recent study by Komarketing, 44% of website visitors will leave a company's website if there are no contact details. 

Furthermore, another possible issue is the controlling of the format, changing fields or the form’s position. If there's no easy and intuitive way to do that then users tend to neglect improvements that need to be made.

Very often, what seems like a simple task can end up being really complicated and time-consuming. However, if you make this basic step easy and accessible, a few seconds of online interaction can turn visitors into loyal customers.

Diminish simple issues with the Exai Website Builder

For this reason, using a fully managed CMS like Exai helps you avoid a lot of these issues. The Drag and Drop editor provides a ready to go "Contact Us" form that you can edit with any fields necessary. Exai’s CMS is fully managed and we take care of your updates, upgrades and maintain it accordingly.

You can change the position of the item by dragging it anywhere on your canvas and you can copy it to the clipboard for use anywhere else on your website. Meaning, once creating the contact form you need, you can copy and paste it anywhere on your website pages.

Because of the importance of having a functional and easy to update website it may be worthwhile to investigate what we have to offer for building a website for your business. 

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